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The results show Forever Crown’s™ success rates, and we will stand behind our work. If for any reason issues arise after having a Forever Crown™ made, we will make you a brand new crown. As long as you come in for your yearly exam, x-rays, and cleanings, our Spring Valley cosmetic dentist will remake your forever crown at no charge. Most dentists will only guarantee their work for up to 5 years for a broken crown...We guarantee it for a lifetime!

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Not only do we guarantee your crown for life, but we also have the technology to expedite the creation of our crowns. You no longer have to wait several weeks with an uncomfortable temporary crown. You no longer have to make appointments for return visits. You make one appointment and you walk away with a crown that is guaranteed for life.


As both Artist and Manager of our in-house Dental Lab, Frank Bruno is a superior craftsman and ceramist. Known for our cosmetic ceramic reconstructions featuring the Forever Crown™, our lab now offer our patients the most advanced technology and materials including Zirconia. Frank is also an expert at creating and designing denture and partial services, including the newest “flexible” partial materials.


How does this compare to a regular crown?

Forever Crown™
  • Natural Looking
  • Requires less reduction for better comfort
  • Can be made in one day
  • Uses precision enhancing technology
  • Does not cause problems with gum tissue
  • Regular Crown
  • Lacks the natural look you desire
  • Old technology causes an uncomfortable fit
  • Multiple dental visits & long waiting periods
  • Porcelain chips away over time
  • May cause inflammation & allergies

    Experience how different a visit to our dentists can be



    ★★★★★ “Just went here for a cleaning and checkup, wait was short. Xrays quick, dentist handled my cleaning, very personable and professional. I had gone to another dentist that recommended 5 cavities to be filled, here they showed me the xrays and what a cavity would look like since I didn't have any. Very honest and amazing experience. Thank you”
    Matthew E.


    ★★★★★“I've never had a more comfortable experience in a dentist's office. From start to finish, the entire staff was so great. Dr. Martz is very compassionate and friendly. You can tell that all of the employees genuinely care about people and helping them. I highly recommend this place."
    Emily B.


    ★★★★★ “Just left my appt for a cleaning. Absolutely love their service. I called the same day and they were able to get me and my boyfriend in for a cleaning. Fast and professional. Dr. Martz is friendly, has a great sense of humor making the experience stress free. His staff is amazing. I think I just found my dentist.”
    Thasha R.


    ★★★★★“Everyone in the office I have dealt with has been great. I have spent most of my time in the chair with Dr. Art, and he does a good job of making sure I am comfortable (I metabolize anesthesia like a hummingbird) and explaining issues and options well. I definitely recommend this office."
    Jeffrey M.


    Why Choose us?

    • 5 Stars
    • 5 star customer service
    • A team that listens & cares
    • World class dentistry
    • The very best results
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    Meet the Director of Tech

    Frank Bruno CDT is a highly skilled Dental Ceramist practicing in the greater Las Vegas area, uprooted from Southern California. Frank has more than 35 years experience in the dental field. Not only can he guarantee you a crown that you will have for life, but he will also make that crown look especially beautiful.